Additional Increases in Fuel Surcharge

As expected, UPS, FedEx and DHL will once again increase their Fuel Surcharge. Starting March 7th the Fuel Surcharge for air shipments will increase to 11% and ground shipments fuel surcharge will increase to 6.5%.  As the unrest continues in the Middle East we will continue to see the rise in the per barrel price of oil; which will immediately be reflected in the price you pay for gasoline at the [...]

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New CA Sales Tax Rate Effective April 1, 2011

Thirteen cities in California will see their Sales and Use Tax increase again effective April 1, 2011. Four of those cities will join some others who already have their Sales Tax at 10.25%. There are some cities in California that have Sales Tax as high as 10.75%. Here is a link to the Sales Tax Increase Notice from the California State Board of Equalization. I guess the people in these cities [...]

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Survivor of the Fastest Learner

Thanks to Ed Strachar who was the first to heed my call for an article of interest for this blog. Ed is the Author of Reading Genius and other Self – Development Courses. Check out his website at The Wave of the Future is Key information for Investors and Businesses Alike. The world is changing. Faster than ever before. This is no secret. Whether you look to Official [...]

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Customer Service

In the early 2000's I wrote a weekly Newsletter and in researching for a subject for this blog I came across an article on customer service that I wrote in August of 2002. Amazingly nothing much has changed except the part that I added on order retention. I thought it was interesting enough to re-publish with the addition. Customer Service used to be much simpler. This was primarily because most [...]

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Discussion of Fuel Surcharges

I just read an interesting article written by Ron Grossman that I thought would be worth publishing here. Fuel Surcharges: Are You Overpaying? By Ron Grossman, PMC, PCMH, CISCM, CEPP, Principal of Argee Logistics LLC Most of us are familiar with the typical fuel surcharge formula - a percentage of the basic freight charge is added to the freight bill. The question is: “Is there any logic to that formula?” [...]

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WestPack Tradeshow

Josh Farrell our Director of Operations and I went to the WestPack trade show yesterday at the Anaheim, Convention Center, what a confusing event. Each year they seem to be adding additional industries to this event. Now WestPack is almost non-existing, mixed in with seven other industries, mostly not related to our industry. We used to attend this show yearly to see what's new in the packaging industry, but this [...]

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Higher Fuel Surcharge for UPS, FedEx and DHL

As fuel prices climb higher each day we are once again seeing an increase in the Fuel Surcharge by the major three carrier, UPS, FedEx and DHL. Fuel surcharges will be raised tomorrow, February 7, 2011 for Ground shipment from 5.5% to 6% and for Air and International Air shipments from 9% to 10%.

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