Rotating Postal Strike in Canada

I'm getting weary of writing about the Canadian Postal Service but it is affecting companies in the US,  so we have to keep an eye on it. The Canadian Postal workers union is now doing rotating strikes, where workers strike for 24 hours at a time rotating from city to city. The problem for the postal workers is that Canadians have cut back in using the postal service and now [...]

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Fuel Surcharge continues to rise

With the Canadian Postal strike most likely starting Thursday, June 2nd and with the rising Fuel Surcharge it will be significantly more expensive to ship packages to our neighbors up north. UPS has announced an increase in the Fuel Surcharge on June 6th for ground shipments to 9.5% and Air shipments to 16%, FedEx will match the 9.5% for ground but increases air shipment fuel surcharge to 16.5%. Unfortunately you [...]

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Canadian Postal Workers vote to strike

Now is the time to make provisions for alternate shipping carrier into Canada. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) gave a 72-hour strike notice yesterday, which will begin at 11:59 EDT on Thursday, June 2 if the Canada Post does not submit to certain provisions demanded by the CUPW. This type of notice is legally required of an intention to strike. According to Post & Parcel, the 48,000 CUPW [...]

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