Primary Services

  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management
  • Pick and Pack
  • Shipping (using many different carrier options)
  • Commercial and Residential Order Management
  • Ecommerce Order Stream Integration
  • Up to Date, Accurate Reporting
  • Automated Customer Contact E-mails

Specialized Services

  • Lot Number Tracking
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Returns Handling and Detailed Reporting.
  • Customer Service (handling inquiries from your customers)
  • Credit Card Transaction Processing
  • EDI Communication Processing (handling your commercial customers who require EDI transactions be exchanged for each order)
  • Full Service Production Department (for kit building, product reworks, etc.)

Our Quality Guarantee

At Fulfillment Express, we’re not just full of hot air. A large part of what makes us unique is our quality guarantee to our clients. It starts by ensuring that two different people pick and pack the order, so that there are two sets of eyes inspecting the product, before it is ever scanned. We then scan each order individually, scanning each and every item or carton to ensure that your customers receive the correct items in the correct quantity. We then compare the calculated weight of the items and packaging against the actual weight of the item, as a final insurance that the order was packed correctly.

If your items have a barcode which can be scanned, either applied at the manufacturer or by our staff as the product arrives, we guarantee our fulfillment accuracy. We will back up that guarantee by paying for both the fulfillment and shipping costs of sending a replacement item to the customer.

Shipping Services

Fulfillment Express works with many different shipping companies, in order to provide you with the best possible shipping services at the best available prices. We’ll help you find the balance between high quality service and competitive pricing to best fit your specific needs.

While domestic shipping is likely to be the most prevalent for your business, international shipments may also be very important to you. That is why we have trained our staff to handle the many special requirements of the different international carriers as well as customs agencies around the world. We’ll help you get your product to your customer, whether they are down the street or on the other side of the world.

Just few of the many carriers we use:

Direct to Consumer

Fulfillment Express has decades of experience in consumer markets. Whether your orders come from ecommerce sources or direct marketing sources, such as direct mailings, newspaper and magazine ads, television, or radio: we’ve got you covered. We’ve worked with major call centers throughout the U.S. and around the world to provide a seamless order flow for you and your customer. We understand the specific challenges of direct marketing campaigns and we offer continuity (automatic shipment) services for your subscription or monthly renewal products.

Getting the product in your customer’s hand quickly, and in one piece, is what we do best. Our staff packs each order with care to ensure that your customer is satisfied with their purchase. No matter what the order source, we’ll help you keep your consumer customers happy.

ECommerce Solutions

A smooth order flow is essential in an ecommerce market. Customers expect their orders to ship timely and arrive without delay. That is why we have integration in place for many of the major shopping cart systems. We can extract orders automatically, throughout the day, to ensure that your customers order is shipped as soon as possible. We have a commitment to ship consumer packages within one business day. Often, we are able to ship orders same day (if placed early enough).

We also provide automatic e-mail notifications shipments, directly to the customer, which provide them with shipping details, including the tracking number for shipments. Most shopping carts also accept shipping notices from us, allowing customers to view their order inside the cart itself.

We’ll help you to keep your customer informed, every step of the way, to ensure that they are satisfied with their experience and become repeat customers.

Some of our most popular integrated shopping carts:

Commercial / Retail Shipping

Over our many years providing service to our clients, we have shipped to most of the major retailers in America and around the world. We have experience with routing guides, EDI transactions, and the special labeling and handling procedures required by many of the world’s foremost commercial channels. In addition to large retailers, we ship to smaller businesses around the globe, facilitating the growth of your business by helping you to reach as many markets as possible.

In addition to experienced, and accurate, shipping we also provide several services that you cannot find at other fulfillment centers. We offer end-to-end lot number tracking, returns handling, serial number tracking, and much more. Whatever your product may be, we’ll help you find a way to get it to your commercial customers, while carefully conforming to their specific requirements.

Bulk Package Pricing

Our bulk package pricing helps you to retain as much profit margin as possible when shipping to commercial customers. We will offer you discounted pricing for shipping larger, prepackaged, quantities of products in order to help you retain as much profit as possible when selling your product at wholesale prices. Ensuring that your customers order in full carton or pallet quantities will help you get the most out of this discounted pricing option.

Pallet And Truckload Shipping

Fulfillment Express works with many major carriers in order to get you the lowest possible prices for your pallet shipments. We will prepare the pallet in a way which will help to protect your product, label the cartons and pallets with all appropriate information, and take care of all required paperwork, making the process of shipping larger quantities to commercial customers just as easy for you as shipping a single item to a consumer.

Some of the many retail locations we have shipped:

Other Services

Fulfillment Express offers many services beyond simply picking and packing orders. We pride ourselves on providing industry leading quality at competitive pricing. However, beyond that, we also offer services that most fulfillment houses simply can’t. We have carefully designed our business model around providing you with every service that you need in order to be successful, no matter what your product may be or what market you may be trying to reach.

Below you will find brief descriptions of some of the services that we offer which set us apart from other fulfillment companies.

Other Services