What’s so difficult about International shipments?

Harmonized System (HS) classification numbers & Schedule B numbers What are they & why do I need them? By Karen Hanlan In the years since I began working here at Fulfillment Express, I have prepared thousands of International shipments for our various clients, and many times  I’ve had to ask a client what the Schedule B number is for their product, only to hear “What’s a Schedule B number?”.  So [...]

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What Does Fulfillment Mean to You?

The word fulfillment has been defined by many people in many ways. “To bring about the completion or achievement of”, “to carry out or execute”, “to conform with or satisfy” and “the state or quality of being fulfilled” are just a few examples of the meanings of this word. In the business community fulfillment is defined most often as “the process or business of handling and executing customer [...]

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My Opinion about the iPad and iPad 2

This is not  an article related to fulfillment or other industry issues but I thought it might be of interest. Unless you're living in a cave, you have probably heard that Apple has released the new iPad 2. As an iPad user since April 2010, I can attest, that it is a great personal device, but it also makes a great tool for use in business. This is especially true [...]

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