New President at Fulfillment Express, Inc.

Other noteworthy news at Fulfillment Express, Inc. was the appointment in 2020 of Joshua J. Farrell as president of the company.  Josh has been with the company since 2005 and has worked hard to grow into his new position. Josh started his career at Fulfillment Express, Inc. as a Customer Service agent, then was promoted to Customer Service Manger. His next assignment was as Client Service Executive and then Director [...]

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We’re Back

Dieter H. Ammann We're Back! Lots has happened since our last posts, we moved to larger facilities in Montebello, California and off-course Covid-19 happened. For 3PL's the world has gone crazy, with people staying home and purchasing more and more on-line than ever, we are beyond busy. As part of being busier than ever, we need even more space, but California Real Estate has increased so much, that [...]

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