As expected, UPS, FedEx and DHL will once again increase their Fuel Surcharge. Starting March 7th the Fuel Surcharge for air shipments will increase to 11% and ground shipments fuel surcharge will increase to 6.5%.  As the unrest continues in the Middle East we will continue to see the rise in the per barrel price of oil; which will immediately be reflected in the price you pay for gasoline at the pump and what the transportation companies pay for Diesel and Jet Fuel. It has always amazed me that the oil companies immediately raise the price of the fuel we consume, at the moment that there is an increase in the barrel price of oil, even though that higher priced oil doesn’t reach their refineries for a month or two. However when the price of oil is lowered, they wait until the lower priced oil reaches their refineries.  I  guess that why the oil companies have the huge net income.