Microsoft “Surface” Tablet

Anyone who has met me knows that I’m an Apple guy. I have a preference for Mac computers as well as the iPhone and iPad. I’m simply happy knowing that my computer works every day, doesn’t need Anti-virussoftware and is generally not susceptible to the problems that beset Windows user. This does not mean that I don’t use Window PC’s, I do use a PC when necessary and I do use [...]

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iPad – 3rd Generation

My new 3rd generation iPad arrived on Friday the 16th and I immediately restored the backed up information from my iPad 2 to the new iPad (3) through iCloud. It didn't take long to restore before it became functional but then it took quite a few more hours to restore all my apps, data, pictures, music and videos. This is a 64gb version, as was my iPad 2.There are several things [...]

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