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The Wave of the Future is Key information for Investors and Businesses Alike.

Ed Strachar

Ed Strachar

The world is changing. Faster than ever before. This is no secret. Whether you look to Official Government statistics or the Mayan calendar, this fact is more ever-present in our daily lives than ever.

A College education 20 years ago is worth a lot less than one 5 years ago. Employers are seeking the ones with up to date knowledge and skills.

Dr. Arie De Geus , a Shell Corporation Senior Executive hit the nail on the head when he said “The ability to learn faster maybe the only distinct sustainable advantage you have”.

The population is growing. So is automation.  This clearly means there will be a real serious struggle for employment, especially at the lower end.  And yes, it will be a life or death struggle for those who are easily replaced by cheaper labor or automation.

As cold and gruesome as it may sound, The Movie Title “The Quick and the Dead” may have a tone that is not so far off.” Thus, for corporation they know well that their employees better be quick to learn and they better have the latest training technology for them to use.

Concerned parents realize schools are not, for the most part, going to provide their child a state of the art education but instead one designed for the average kid to be of average intelligence.  If a parent wants their unique child to get ahead, they must find their own solutions, to better educate their child and as well, enhance their ability to learn what the schools don’t teach.

With new technologies coming rapidly and the schools traditionally being slow changing bureaucracies, what the schools don’t teach, maybe the most important subjects of all! This is big new for investors and economic forecasters alike. Education can and will be big business for many years to come. Regardless of the economy, those with jobs will need to keep learning and those without need to learn even more. The ones with the disposable income are also the ones most interested in learning, so in effect, it’s a significant “evergreen” market regardless of the season or the economy.

So whether it be a home study courses, online learning, or trade schools, Higher and faster Education  is the never ending wave of the future and key to getting ahead and staying there.