Freezing weather in Europe has closed airports, blocked roads and caused trains to come to a stop.  Transportation centers in Central and Eastern Europe have been forced to close amid the biggest freeze in decades. Many flights were delayed at Amsterdam’s airport and London’s Heathrow has reportedly cancelled 30% of its flights. Rome, the capital of Italy saw its heaviest snowfall in more than 25 years, which brought transportation to a standstill and left some motorists stranded for hours. As the freezing weather moved westwards, most of the UK was hit by snow overnight on Saturday.

Up to 6 inches of snow fell in some parts, that brought chaos to roads, trains and airports. Motorist reported hundreds of miles of traffic jams across Belgium and the Netherlands as the first snow fell on Friday.

Heathrow Airport reported that many flights were cancelled on Monday morning due to freezing, fog and low visibility.

Mail delivery delays are expected to all affected parts of Europe.