Dieter H. AmmannThose of you who know me, know that I have always preached that every contact with your customer is a marketing opportunity. Keeping with that, we have created a new email contact system that will help you create these marketing opportunities or at minimum reduce returns, by providing more information to the customer.

We have always sent out beautifully formatted emails for order and shipping acknowledgements, now we have added a whole new set of emails. Starting with an email when the customers order is delivered (we track the order up to delivery). This email can be delivered any number of days after the order is in the hands of the customer. It can contain a link to a video for installation or usage help or an FAQ document of tips or just a thank you for the order. Subsequently we can sent additional emails out any of number of days after the delivery of the order to the customer, to remind the customer to re-order, to offer other products, specials, promotions or links to your website where they can save money with a coupon. We can taylor an email to offer the customer continuity (AutoShip) for automatic replenishment once a month or whatever period, offering them a money savings plan.

The options are endless, contact your Client Account Executive to discuss this further or feel free to contact me for some brain storming on how we can help spice up those sales.