This is not  an article related to fulfillment or other industry issues but I thought it might be of interest.

Unless you’re living in a cave, you have probably heard that Apple has released the new iPad 2. As an iPad user since April 2010, I can attest, that it is a great personal device, but it also makes a great tool for use in business. This is especially true for a person on the go. It is great for emails, viewing and creating documents and much, much more. This is especially true with the iPad Wifi+3G version, even with AT&T, I have found very little problems in connecting pretty much anywhere, including airports where there is usually not much broadband service. I used to travel with my 8-pound notebook but since I started using the iPad it has become the only computer device with me. Even with the power pack and some connecting cables and a carry bag it’s still only around 2 pounds.

One of the Apps that I use is a program to Remote back into my MAC or Windows desktop or Windows or MAC server. Apps are ridiculously low in price from Free to $1.99 to $9.99 for Page, Numbers and Keynote (Word, Excel and Power Point compatible Apps). The  Remote App was only $4.99 and it works as well as the name brand Remote PC programs. I use iDisk (part of MobilMe, $100 per year) and Dropbox (free for up to 2GB storage) to store my documents so no matter what computer or device I use they are with me.

I will definitely get the iPad 2, not that that my current iPad isn’t doing its job, I just have to have the latest and the greatest. Will I use the cameras on the device, probably not much, but it will be nice to have applications run faster, even though that is not a complaint. Having HDMI out will be great for Power Point type presentations.

I have tested the Samsung Galaxy Tab at one of the stores; unfortunately it is one of the few other devices that is shipping, but it is only 7”. It doesn’t even come close to the iPad in workmanship or use. There is a slew of these devices coming soon, like the Motorola Xoom, the Blackberry Playbook, the HP Slate 500 and many others. But I think Steve Jobs said it best during the iPad 2 announcements, most of these other devices are NOT yet available while Apple has shipped close to 15 million iPads.

The Apple iPad, like the iPhone is a closed device but you can directly download books through the iBook store, Music and TV shows through iTunes and applications through the App store. You do have to connect to your computer and sync through iTunes to get pictures, videos, data etc from your computer, but then again you should do that occasionally to back everything up anyway. You can also connect your camera with the optional adapter to download pictures to it directly or you can use the SD adapter instead. With the iPad 2 and two cameras you can obviously take picture and video directly, but I think that is a little unwieldy with a device of this size. I personally like the idea of a closed system, knowing that my data is protected from malicious intrusion. But, you know what they say about opinions!