With the Canadian Postal strike most likely starting Thursday, June 2nd and with the rising Fuel Surcharge it will be significantly more expensive to ship packages to our neighbors up north. UPS has announced an increase in the Fuel Surcharge on June 6th for ground shipments to 9.5% and Air shipments to 16%, FedEx will match the 9.5% for ground but increases air shipment fuel surcharge to 16.5%.

Unfortunately you will need to switch carriers for shipments to Canada now so they don’t get stranded during the possible strike. There is a big difference shipping to Canada with UPS and FedEx, both require the end customer to pay duties and taxes but FedEx bills the shipper for the Broker fee while UPS collects it from the customer. The broker fee starts at $19.95 for any order with a declared value over $40 and you will be billed for this fee by FedEx as part of the shipping fee. So you will most likely have to increase you shipping fee to account for this. If you normally ship to Canada with USPS, FedEx International, XPO Mail, Deutsche Post Global Mail or any of the other consolidators your packages will be affected by the strike as well since they are delivered in Canada by Canada Post. If you are a client of Fulfillment Express we will automatically switch your packages to UPS, hopefully your fulfillment house will be able to handle this for you, if not, give me a call, 562-948-4400 Ext: 7011.