Dieter H. AmmannWe pride ourselves on our order packing accuracy and we continually strive to attain 100% accuracy. We do this by having one person pick the order and another person packing the order, with two sets of eyes on every order we are automatically more accurate. However, our secret lies in the fact that everything in our warehouse is barcoded including our shipping documents. No one has to type anything in the warehouse. Each packer logs into their packing workstation which tracks the activity and ultimately the packer’s accuracy, so in the unlikely event something goes wrong, we immediately know “who done it” and we do some retraining.

The shipping document is scanned, that brings up the order on the packer’s workstation screen. Then each item is scanned and placed into the shipper (shipping box, envelope, padded envelope, flat rate envelope or box). Once the order is complete the packer tells the workstation which shipper he used that best suited the order, based on our predictive formula of the type of merchandise, the destination and weight. All items and flyers or inserts are packed, any addition packaging items used are then added with a single touch and the package is placed on the scale attached to the workstation. The weight from the scale is compared to the weight calculated by our software, based on the weight of each item and the packaging used. If the weight is not in tolerance of what is acceptable, the package is rejected and put aside for a supervisor to examine and repack if necessary. If there is no issue with the weight, the shipping label automatically prints and and is applied to the package and the package placed in the proper shipping bin for the carrier.

Our order accuracy is incredible accurate and in the unlikely event that we do something wrong, we will retrieve any order from the customer and send out a new order all at our expense.

Now, that’s SERVICE you don’t get anywhere else!