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Bring Your Business into Focus
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Retail Distribution We provide fulfillment services for Receipt We provide fulfillment services for Walmart We provide fulfillment services for Target We provide fulfillment services for CostCo We provide fulfillment services for Amazon We provide fulfillment services for Sephora We provide fulfillment services for Nordstrom We provide fulfillment services for Urban Outfitters We provide fulfillment services for Ulta Beauty We provide fulfillment services for Bed Bath and Beyond

More than Just a 3PL!

Any 3rd party logistics company or fulfillment warehouse can ship orders. Fulfillment Express has a unique approach that will provide you with the tools and services to grow your business, without sacrificing your bottom line. Our standards may be extraordinarily high, but our prices are not.

Strong eCommerce

We have unique integration with multiple shopping cart platforms, including We extract orders directly to our west coast warehouses and ensure timely shipping of your orders.

Inventory Management

Full management of inventory levels, including lot number and serial number tracking, as well as timely receiving of incoming merchandise at our Los Angeles area facilities.

Dedicated Service

Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated account representitive (as well as a backup), at our headquarters on the west coast, to act as their direct, daily contact at Fulfillment Express.

Full Service

We provide a wide range of services to meet your needs, including: customer service, returns processing, payment processing, kit building, and many others.

Web Portal

We provide access to our web portal, letting you review every aspect of your business, including live inventory updates and up to date order status.

Worldwide Shipping

Of course, we do shipping too! We ship worldwide using many different carriers to provide you with the best service at the best price.

Need Amazon Fulfillment?

We have a solution for that too!

Seller Central

Integrate your orders directly through our Fulfillment Centers! Your orders will be processed and shipped swiftly and automatically!

Seller Fulfilled Prime

Our team will quickly and accurately process and ship your Seller Fulfilled Prime orders to ensure your product gets to its destination exactly as you expect!

FBA Prep

Our team will apply unit labels (FNSKUs) if neccesary and in accordance with Amazon specifications in preparation of bulk shipments for your Fulfillment By Amazon!

Visit to learn more about our Amazon services!

Order Fulfillment Services

There are many types of orders. We manage them all.

Direct to Consumer

We ship thousands of packages a day from our Los Angeles area warehouses, direct to consumers. These orders are from ecommerce shopping carts, direct response sources such as call centers, manual sources such as trade shows, and directly from our clients. Each consumer order is packed and shipped carefully and efficiently.

Commercial / Retail

Whether it is a single carton shipping to a small mom and pop store, a pallet going to a distributor, or a truckload shipping to major retailer like Walmart, Target, or Costco, we handle it all. We have experience with EDI services and routing guides, so your shipment will always be accurate and on schedule when shipped from one of our west coast locations.

Drop Shipping

We have many years of experience drop shipping for major retailers like Amazon and the Home Shopping Network (just to mention a couple). We have carefully and efficiently shipped hundreds of thousands of orders to consumers, always following the requirements of the retailer and shipping within the required shipping times.

Our Unique Pick and Pack Philosophy

What makes our quality assurance process different from other fulfillment centers?

Two-Step Process

Each order processed in our Los Angeles area warehouses is pulled and packed by two different people. We have found that two sets of eyes on each order helps to further eliminate human error.

Item Scanning

We scan each and every item into the package. By doing this, we ensure the accuracy and quantity of each item, taking the human error factor even further out of the equation.

Weight Verification

Finally, we weigh the package against the calculated weight of all items and packaging to ensure 100% accuracy. This ensures that your customers get exactly what they ordered.

Value Added Services

We do way more than just pick and pack orders!

Lot Number and Serial Number Tracking

Using our unique lot number and serial number tracking services, you'll easily be able to pinpoint exactly which item went to each of your customers.

Assembly, Disassembly, and Kit Building

Whether it's a project to fix a manufacturing issue, a promotional kit, or everyday labeling or packaging, we will handle it in an efficient, and cost effective, manner.

Returns Handling and Reporting

Fulfillment Express is equipped to handle returns from your customers. We will notify you daily of all returns and provide you with the information to identify the reasons behind your returned products.

Technology Driven Fulfillment

We use technology to be more efficient and more effective.

Kiosk Job Tracking

Our brand new, state of the art, kiosks allow us to track jobs in real time. This new functionality allows us to stay on top of our workload and create efficiencies in real time, saving you time and money in all of your fulfillment service processes.

Mobile Access

All of our reporting services are accessible through our website on your mobile devices, allowing you to stay in touch with your information, even on the go. We understand that you need access to your information where ever you are and we've got you covered.

Our Mantra

We treat every order with care. We treat your customers as if they were our customers.
We treat every client like they were our only client.